The NCC Do Not Disturb Issue (DND)

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If you have been using bulk sms actively, you will notice that certain phones don’t get sms delivered anymore.

This is as a result of the  directive from the NCC mandating that all phone numbers subscribed to the DND service CANNOT receive bulk sms.

The DND service gives the subscribers the freedom to choose what type of bulk sms they will like to receive. Also note that DND does not affect bank alerts so you will still get credit/debit alerts from your bank.

This is an effort to put a total stop to unsolicited/promotional sms that has plagued the industry in recent times.

This a generally a good thing but this does not stop the networks themselves from spamming subscribers, it just stops third-party bulk sms from getting to the phones.

Furthermore, MTN automatically subscribed many of their customers to DND without informing them. So if you no longer get sms from your church or from your group etc, then you are most probably subscribed.

You can check your status by sending: STATUS to 2442

If you do not want to be placed on DND, you can unsubscribe directly from your phone by sending:

STOP to 2442


ALLOW to 2442

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