Revisiting the Effects Of DND on Bulk SMS Delivery

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The DND service was activated by the phone networks in Nigeria for last month and in this post we will take a look at some of its effects across the industry.



  • Difficulty in using internet services:This policy has  made it very difficult to register and use many online services. some of these services include Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook etc. These services have SMS integrated directly into their security feature and is required for registration or changing of passwords. It can also be required if sometimes when you try to login from a new device. This is referred to as 2-factor authentication to confirm the authenticity of the online user. The way its works is that when you try to register on a site like Gmail, after inputting your details Gmail will send you a security code to your phone. You then have to enter this code onto their website to unlock your account. With the new DND policy,  you might not get the security code on your phone.  And since you have been added to the DND list without your notice you will be left in the lurch wondering if Whatsapp or Google did not send the message at all.


  • You may miss some Valuable information:  Important SMS from your church, school, group etc will be missed if your phone is activated for DND. Also, those waiting for a job alert might miss the opportunity since they will not get the notifications on their phone. Other Areas that are affected are wedding invitations . And it is also known that most people prefer to use bulk sms for their wedding invitations as this is cheaper, personal and more concise way to reach people right in their comfort. But imagine what will happen now that DND is in place. It means that such information cannot be disseminated through that means of communication.


  • NCC are just playing to the Gallery: It seems that the Nigerian Communications Commission have just gone quiet on the DND matter. It is true that most philosophies may not work out at the beginning but what makes an outstanding legislation is the ability to quickly amend the aforementioned directive as that will help to stabilize the state of information dissemination. The same people that are meant to suffer from the DND directive are now the exact ones that now seem to be enjoying the services. If something is not done about it drastically, the same people that are celebrating the introduction of the DND might be the ones that will bite their fingers in regret by the time they’ve lost a huge amount of information.



So while DND is a good idea in general, it can at the end of the day affect those customers who opted for it in the first place because they will miss out of opportunities they usually will get without DND.



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