Reason Why You Must Choose to Market your Business with Bulk SMS

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SMS marketing is the number one way to reach your customers across any verticals in the world.

The number one reason why SMS is king is in the rate at which its audiences engage and interact with it. Studies show that SMS is opened with 5 minutes of its delivery. Also, out of every 10 SMS received, 5 is replied.

Let’s look at how SMS compares to other mass marketing channels like email:


  • EMAIL :  Users respond late to emails. Emails also have no guaranteed delivery and it can end up in SPAM. Users are also very skeptical of emails they receive from the public because it can contain malware and virus. And because there is no easy way to opt out of the campaign, people might get tired of engagement in the long run and if they cannot opt out might result to reporting your identity to the service providers which might adversely affect your business.


  • BULK SMS : With a click of a button, you can send SMS to millions f people directly to their phones. Delivery is instant and it gets to their inbox. Unlike emails, we have over 3 billion phones in the world. People are also more willing to engage with SMS than emails.


  • RESULT : Obviously, in the area of response and engagement, bulk SMS comes out top against email marketing.


The overall result of this match between emails marketing and bulk SMS for the bragging right when it comes to efficient and effective marketing campaign shows that bulk SMS has the upper hand. Apart from the areas of cost and trackability where both sort of have a tie, bulk SMS has a steal on emails in the other areas considered. offers quality bulk sms in Nigeria. We have a plan for every kind of business and our tools will help set up your bulk sms campaign easily.

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