Major Reasons Why There Might Be Delay In Crediting SMS Account

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There is no need telling how disappointing and annoying it is to make payments for bulk SMS units for hours or in some rare cases days, and your bulk SMS account do not get credited. In view of the urgency of the purpose for such payments, that delay sometimes is unforgivable.


It can be stressful and annoying to pay for bulk SMS units and have to wait several hours to be credited. Sometimes these delays can be too costly for your business.


So in this post, we will be looking  at the reasons why there might be delays in crediting your account even after paying for bulks SMS.


First Reason: Account Name Missing from the Teller:

There are two ways to buy bulk SMS from Padisoft. The first way is to make purchase online with your MasterCard. This way is convenient and  your account will be credited instantly. There are no delays here. The second option is to pay into any of our accounts listing on our site. it is recommended to include your SMS account email as the payer’s name on the teller. This will help us quickly identify your account and crediting your account is usually done within 5 minutes of bank notification.


Customers are also encouraged to send an email to [email protected] or send an SMS to 08084214333 detailing the amount paid and the account name to be credited.


This is where the delays happen because after getting notification of payment from the bank, we usually do not know the account to credit.


It is just fitting then to look into the reasons delay might occur in crediting your bulk SMS account, so you can know how to avoid it or possibly address the situation when it occurs.



This simply means delayed crediting of account is avoidable if the above suggestion is strictly adhered to.


Have you made payment for bulk SMS units at time past and your account has not been credited, or it took an uncharacteristically long time period to get it credited?, let us know in the comment box below. Also share with us what your opinion is about our crediting system, how effective you find it.

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