How to Create Custom SMS Costs Settings

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After a customer buys bulk sms units from you, they can use the units to send messages to any country in the world. Each country has its individual termination rates. This termination rate is deducted from your customer’s account for each message sent.

For example, if a customer buys 100 SMS units from you and decides to send a single SMS to London, if you set the termination rate for london as 10 units then after sending the message, 10 units will be deducted from this customer’s account and his balance will be 90 units.

It is strongly recommended that you use the platform’s default cost/rates settings for each country.

To use a custom cost please follow the steps below:

  • Visit your sms gateway page by clicking this link: My Gateway
  • Scroll down to the input box called Use Default Cost:

    Set it as False.

  • Scroll down to the input box called Custom SMS Costs:

    Each cost is separated by comma and cosist of a country’s dialling code and the amount to deduct from the customer when messages are sent to the country with that dialling code.

    For example, 44=10

    means that whenever a message is sent to the U.K (dial code for UK is 44), 10 sms units will be deducted from the customer’s account balance

  • Click submit at the bottom of the page
  • Each cost setting must be separated by comma

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