How to Assign and Deduct SMS Units From your Customers

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The Admin Panel provided to you by Padisoft is quite powerful. You can assign sms to customers individually and also deduct sms from them. Please make sure you have javascript on your browser to complete this steps as they will not work without javascript.

When a customer buys sms on your website, they can pay with an online transaction or pay directly into your bank account.
If they pay with online transaction, they will automatically be credited with SMS units.
Otherwise, you will have to credit them manually. Please follow the steps below to credit a customer:

  • View all your customers┬áby clicking on the users menu under the “sms” tab
  • On the resulting page, find the customer you want to credit and click on Assign SMS at the bottom of their name:
  • A box will pop up and you can input the amount of sms to transfer to that user.
  • To deduct SMS from any user, just click on Deduct SMS at the botom of each name.

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