How to add a custom page to your website

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The Padisoft application treats every page on your website as an article. They occupy the main view of every single page.

You can make use of  articles to achieve different purposes such as to display your bank account details,  tell your customers how to find you with Google Maps and your office address/phones.

If you are selling third party products on your website such as ebooks, GSM data bundles, you can use articles to inform and attract the customer to these products.

Articles can contain text, videos, music or just about anything you can add to any webpage.

Simply put, on Padisoft a webpage on your website is represented as an article.

Let us take for example the home page of a sample website, the area surrounded by a red box is an article:

Padisoft article area


Now that we understand what an article is and what it does, we are going to make use of it on our website.

Let us create a page for customers to see our bank details and phone numbers. We are going to add our bank logo to the page to give it more spark and engage the customer. I am going to break everything down into simple steps:

1. Login to your dashboard at and click on article on the SIDE MENU and then click on ARTICLE MANAGER:

Screenshot - 04042015 - 11:59:45 AM


A page will be displayed listing all the articles for your website.

2. Click on CREATE NEW ARTICLE  located at the right side of that page:

Screenshot - 04042015 - 12:05:32 PM


3. Fill the form displayed. To insert photos into your article you can click on the button arrowed below:

Screenshot - 04042015 - 01:53:55 PM

4. Finally, click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

5. Congratulations on creating your first article on Padisoft.

Articles don’t appear by default on your website, you need to use a menu item to display it. Please read how to use menu items



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