Common Industries That Rely On Bulk SMS for Product Marketing

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Comnpanies have noticed that they can employ the mobile phone database of stakeholder, customers to execute a direct marketing campaign uusing bulk sms. They have also realised that this is a low cost way of attracting new business.

Let us look at the organizations that commonly use Bulk SMS in Nigeria;

Companies and Organisations

Companies use Bulk SMS in Nigeria to reach their customers or client with details of new products launch, services disruption or other updates. There are other range of activities that they use this for like, job notification, business marketing, and end of year promotions.

They also use the platform to send out notification for availability of periodic reports to suppliers and customers. The timely delivery of this platform makes it attractive to most companies.


Financial Institutions

All financial Institutions use cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria for a variety of purposes. When customers open new bank accounts, they fill in their phone numbers in their account opening forms they submit at the service providers. When verification of details is completed, SMS notifications go to such customers to alert them of the activation of their accounts.

Other services that are delivered through SMS by Financial Institutions include notification of transactions like deposits, withdrawals, charges or standing orders. Banks also use the Bulk MS channel to notify their customers of fraudulent transactions and block such transaction before they are completed.

Bank alerts are being sent to over 25 million Nigerian Monthly. Our platform is used by many financial institutions to send out SMS to their customers.


Political Campaigns

Politician use SMS to reach out to their wards to educate them on what will be done when elected.

Political campaigns are very vibrant across the country with several positions up for contest at different times of the year. The political parties and their allies deploy Bulk SMS in Nigeria to send messages to their constituents across the country to canvass for votes.

You find that in campaign seasons, one recipient can get up to five messages in a day and in a country where the mobile phone user tally is already about 100million, this is a huge market to explore.


Government Organizations and the use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Service rendering government departments like utility companies and immigration services process transactions for millions for Nigerians daily, weekly or monthly. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is one medium they use to convey approval, discrepancy or update notifications to the citizenry.

Many people apply for new facilities, change their residence or renew existing contracts with these organizations. The tally of work done through Bulk SMS in Nigeria is expansive for many public sector organizations that incorporating them into article might be an unrealistic take for a single publication.

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